Breast Cancer – Risk Factors

Breast cancer is a basically unfamiliar disease until today, In spite of the fact that it has an effect on approximately 10% of the women beyond the age of 40 all over the world. The reasons of this destroyer cancer are not recognized even after decades of study into it. Correspondingly it is unidentified why some women have higher probability of receiving breast cancers than other diseases.

However the contributory factors are unknown, some danger factors have been recognized. There is no medical proof why these factors make the syndrome more credible, but this is a research of observation. In a vast cross-section of women with the practical risk factors, it has been found that the probability of getting breast cancer is very high.

The various risk factors for breast cancer are as follows:-

Family History of Breast Cancer: If a close relative like a sister or a mother has had breast cancer, then there is a very high possibility that the cancer will transpire sometime in life.

Personal History of Breast Cancer: If a woman has had breast cancer in the earlier period, then there is a enormous possibility that the breast cancer may happen again. This is true even if the cancer had been detached in its benign phase itself.

Diseases of the Breast: Quite a few breast diseases can enlarge the chances of having breast cancer. Changes in the cells of the breasts can lead to atypical hyperplasia.

Hormonal Imbalances: There are numerous factors that can modify the hormone balance of the body. Some of them are:- a) Start the menstrual cycle early, i.e. before the age of 12 yrs, b) Having the first pregnancy after the age of 30 yrs, c) Having no pregnancy at all, d) Having a late menopause. All these situations can enhance the intensity of estrogen in the body. This increases the danger of getting breast cancer to a mild level.

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