Reconstruction Breast

Breast cancer is a mainly unfamiliar disease until today, even though the reality that it influences approximately 10% of the women above the age of 40 yrs all over the world. The cause of this killer cancer is mysterious even after decades of explore into it. Likewise it is unfamiliar why some women have higher probability of receiving breast cancers than others.

Although the causal factors are unfamiliar, various hazard factors have been recognized. There is no medical evidence why these factors make the disease more likely, but this is a study of examination. In a huge side view of women with the pragmatic risk factors, it has been found that the probability of getting breast cancer is very high.

The various hazard factors for breast cancer are as pursue:-

Family History of Breast Cancer

Personal History of Breast Cancer

Diseases of the Breast



Hormonal Imbalances

The above are the main hazards factors for breast cancers. But as the reading on breast cancers is not yet complete, the above is by no means a complete list.

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