Help after Loss of a Breast

Breast cancer is a common cause of death among woman of different nationalities. A number of women go through depression after a mastectomy as the body images changes. Reconstruction of the breast is necessary for better quality of life of the affected woman.  A number of women may be anxious about breast reconstruction surgery as it is evasive and painful with a lot of time taken to heal to resume normal life.

Breakthrough in technology has introduced TE breast reconstruction that is less evasive giving a woman some sense of control over the procedure. No needles are required for the reconstruction of the breast. The reconstructed breast has a natural appearance and lightweight in volume with no risk of punctures as a woman lives her active life.

Tissue expander reconstruction with ADM has no needle based infection that can cause an affected woman to be hospitalized for a long time. It allows tissue expansion to occur in a shorter time ensuring that breast reconstruction is completed in a shorter time for a woman to resume her active life.

Breast expanders and radiation can go in hand in hand to ensure that breast tissue expands as cancer cells are eliminated from the body. A patient is instructed by the attending physician how to use a tissue expander to prevent spending too much time in the doctor’s office reducing the cost of breast reconstruction.   Acellular dermal matrix in breast reconstruction improves the final outcome of the reconstructed breast for a more natural appearance with little or no complications experienced.


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