Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Cancerous cells can spread quickly throughout the body if they are not detected in time; therefore a mastectomy may be the only way to get rid of the cancerous cells. Reconstruction of the breast can be done at the time the mastectomy is done for some patients. TE breast reconstruction is less painful and has fewer chances of infections than other types of reconstruction breast.

It is necessary to have as much information as possible about breast reconstruction before undergoing the procedure to be mentally prepared for any outcome. How to manage tissue expander breast reconstruction pain can be advised by the consulting physician. Having a support group could be important for some patients while others will do better in individual counseling to go forward after the loss of a breast.

Some challenges that may be experienced in obtaining reconstruction of the breast may include;

  1. Cost

A number of insurance policies may not cover the cost of reconstruction of the breast; for that reason it is challenging to search for means to obtain the needed funds for a majority of patients.

  1. Recovery time

Some time is necessary to heal after TE breast reconstruction; therefore one needs to have some savings to live on before resuming work.

  1. Pain or discomfort

Breast reconstruction may be painful or uncomfortable at most; therefore this is a challenge that a patient will overcome. Furthermore having the support of a loved one will help a patient try their best to get better quickly so that they can spend more time with their loved one.

  1. Time spent away from home

Hospitalization could be necessary for the first procedure; furthermore some follow up reconstruction breast procedures may be necessary to ensure that a patient has the best quality of life after mastectomy. Spending time away from home could be very difficult for a young mother separated from her young kids waiting at home.


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