Positive Effects of Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

It is devastating news to be informed that mastectomy is necessary to get rid of cancer in the breast tissue. A lot of women are afraid of reconstruction of the breast due to the pain involved and the time it takes to heal. In addition infection can occur due to the use of needles in the procedure. The good news is that TE breast reconstruction does not involve the use of needles; furthermore the patient is advised how to do the tissue expansion regularly at home saving time that could be wasted at the doctor’s office. 

Some of the reconstruction breast benefits include;

  • Eliminate unwanted attention

Reconstruction of the breast enables a patient to have a normal looking bust; therefore unwanted attention that could occur when a patient has one or no breasts is eliminated.

  • Clothes fit better

Most women struggle finding clothes to wear after mastectomy; therefore breast reconstruction is necessary. It is important to talk to your physician to be advised how to be prepared for tissue expander breast reconstruction pain that may be experienced. Furthermore you should obtained sufficient information about the procedure to be able to make an informed choice.

  • Body image

A number of patients find it difficult to look at their body after mastectomy; therefore Reconstruction of the breast could make life easier for them. Besides, with TE breast reconstruction patients can participate in activities like swimming and other sports of interest.

  • Improve intimate relationship

A number of patients are worried about being intimate after a mastectomy; for that reason reconstruction of the breast can help in a relationship. Additionally the reconstructed breast may look and feel like a natural breast. It is necessary to embrace a healthy lifestyle and get rid of vices like smoking that may prolong the healing time after reconstruction breast.

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