Breast Reconstruction for Better Quality of Life

Loss of a breast is a tragedy that one cannot prevent if history of breast cancer is prevalent in the family tree. Therefore breast reconstruction surgery is necessary for better quality of life after mastectomy. The reconstructed breast looks more natural when tissue expender breast reconstruction procedure is carried out.

Some of the reasons why it is necessary to have breast reconstruction surgery include;

i)             Lead a full life

Tissue expander for breast reconstruction ensures that the reconstructed breast looks natural; therefore one is able to participate in sports and other activities without creating any attention to self after loss of a breast.

ii)           Body image

Breast reconstructed through breast reconstruction tissue expander procedure takes a shorter time to heal; for that reason one is more comfortable with the new body image after loss of a breast. It becomes easier to buy clothing after breast reconstruction surgery. Talking to a psychiatrist is important after loss of a breast if one feels depressed.

iii)          Self esteem

One is more confident when they feel good about self; therefore breast reconstruction surgery is necessary after loss of a breast for good self esteem. Besides having the surgery saves on precious time that could be wasted explaining to curious people why your bust looks different.

iv)         Intimacy in the bedroom

Tissue expanders breast reconstruction creates a natural looking breast that will facilitate increased intimacy in the bedroom for those in a romantic relationship. Loss of a breast should not kill intimacy in the bedroom when help is available.

v)           Make a living

Women who work in industries that market products through body image may still make a good living after loss of a breast. Therefore breast reconstruction surgery will be crucial to look the part. The breast reconstructed looks natural and the risk of puncture is very minimal in the line of work.

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