Necessary Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

There are things in life that do not make sense; even after eating right and embracing a healthy lifestyle one can still lose a breast due to cancer. When this happens it is necessary to obtain the help available to move forward with life; therefore breast reconstruction surgery is necessary.

Talking to a professional is very important to help you make an informed decision; furthermore it does not hurt to talk to someone who has undergone tissue expander breast reconstruction to learn about their experiences. In addition having someone who can be by your side when you learn about tissue expender for breast reconstruction will prepare you mentally for the procedure.

Some of the reasons why many patients have opted for breast reconstruction tissue expender procedure include;

Needless procedure

Tissue expender breast reconstruction does not require injecting substances into the breast tissue; therefore majority of people afraid of the needle favor this reconstruction. Furthermore infections that can occur from the use of a needle are avoided.

Shorter healing time

The body heals faster from breast reconstruction surgery that uses its own tissue; no rejection experienced with limited to no complication after the procedure. 

Less time at the doctor’s office

A patient is more involved in the breast reconstruction tissue expender process as they are instructed how to regulate expansion of breast tissue at home. For that reason less time is spent at the doctor’s office reducing the cost of having a breast reconstructed.

More natural shape

Tissue expender for breast reconstruction ensures that the reconstructed breast looks more natural. What’s more the reconstructed breast is lightweight and does not interfere with backside health or prevent one from living their life to the fullest. This procedure is less painful than other more evasive breast reconstruction surgeries; furthermore since the healing time is shorter one is able to go back to their way of life to be more productive.

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