Have you lost a Breast due to Cancer?

Cancer of the breast has become very common all over the world; therefore removal of the affected breast may be the only alternative to prevent the cancer from spreading to the rest of the body. Tissue expander reconstruction with ADM should be considered in breast reconstruction after the loss of a breast. What’s more the reconstructed breast looks more natural than other procedures done today. It is important to be advised by your physician to know what to expect in this procedure.

Loss of both breasts to cancer can be very traumatizing for the affected woman; therefore TE breast reconstruction should be done as soon as possible. Some of the reasons why this procedure is preferred by a number of women include;

Natural looking breasts

Reconstructed breasts through tissue expansion procedure look as natural as possible; they have the right volume that does not strain the back. No one will be able to tell that one has reconstructed breasts with clothes on.

No injections involved

The highest percentages of people are afraid of needles; therefore reconstruction of the breast through tissue expansion is favored since no injections are administered to the tissue. This procedure prevents infections to the tissue that may occur due to the use of needles.

More involved in the procedure

Reconstruction of the breast through tissue expansion involves the patient as they are trained how to expand the breast tissue using a wireless hand held controller at home. The patient spends less time at the doctor’s office which can be depressing for some; furthermore the cost of TE breast reconstruction procedure is reduced as a patient does most of the work in expanding the tissue.

Shorter healing time

Breast reconstructed through tissue expansion heals faster as the body does not reject its own tissue. Besides breast expanders and radiation can be carried out at the same time without prolonging the healing period.

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