Do you Have a Loved One Who has lost a Breast Due to Cancer?

A number of women get depressed after mastectomy; besides chemotherapy can leave the body exhausted and diminish the will to live. Therefore if you have a loved one going through this it is very important to be there for them to offer a shoulder to lean on until they get back on their feet.

Breast reconstruction is crucial to enjoy better quality of life after eliminating cancer from the body. Tissue expanders breast reconstruction can be carried out even as a patient goes through chemotherapy; besides the breast reconstructed looks natural and most people would not be able to tell the difference when one has clothes on. You can be supportive to your loved one by going to the doctor’s office with them to be advised about breast tissue expanding. This procedure is preferred by a number of patients because;

Shorter healing time

Breast tissue is expanded to support breast implants; for that reason the body heals faster after the procedure because it does not rejects its own tissue. What’s more this procedure does not require the use of needles that can cause an infection prolonging the healing time.

The patient is more involved

A patient is instructed by the physician how to use a hand held wireless controller to expand the breast tissue; therefore they can do it at home avoiding making several visits to the doctor’s office reducing the cost to have the procedure done. Breast expanders ensure that the reconstructed breast has the right volume for the affected woman to move forward with her life conveniently.

Lower risk of complication

Breast reconstructed through breast reconstruction expander procedure has a lower risk of complication than other types of surgeries done. Punctures are not common with tissue expanders breast reconstruction procedure.

If you do not live with your loved one who needs breast reconstruction make time to visit with them so that you can encourage them. Besides they will enjoy eating a healthy meal when you eat with them quickening their healing time.

Offering financial support to your loved one is very necessary so that they can afford tissue expanders breast reconstruction procedure.

Joining a support group could be what your loved one needs to overcome the trauma of losing a breast; therefore make time to go with them to offer moral support so that they have the motivation to heal quickly.

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