Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy is Required

It is a difficult period for any woman to lose one or both of her breasts in the fight against cancer. Therefore breast reconstruction surgery is necessary for better quality of life after the loss. Breast tissue expander is recommended by a number of physicians for a more nature looking reconstructed breast; besides the patient is more involved in this process as they are taught how to expand the breast tissue at home.
Tissue expander breast reconstructed has the right volume that does not interfere with the kind of activities that the recuperating woman can engage in. What’s more breast expanders and radiation can go hand in hand without one affecting the other. It is crucial to carry out a thorough research and talk to your physician to be informed what to expect in the tissue expander procedure. Furthermore one is able to heal faster with the right kind of mindset.
Breast reconstruction after mastectomy allows the affected woman to;
Live her life to the fullest
A woman who loses her breasts could shy away from engaging in sports she enjoyed previously or going to the gym. Hence breast reconstruction surgery enables her to go about her busy life without getting uncalled for attention.
Restore her confidence
Loss of a breast can lead to low self esteem as the affected woman could fail to feel good with the different body image. Breast tissue expanders allow the breast tissue to expand little by little until it covers the permanent breast implant in place; therefore she will look good after the procedure restoring the lost confidence in due time.
Keep her job
Women in modeling careers need to have a certain kind of body; therefore breast reconstruction is necessary after loss. Tissue expander breast reconstruction takes a shorter time to heal so that she can go back to work as soon as possible to avoid loss of income.

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