Breast Reconstruction After Loss Due To a Tumor

It is a difficult decision to make for any woman to have TE breast reconstruction soon after loss of a breast due to cancer. Therefore it is necessary to talk to a reputable physician to be advised what to expect. Furthermore talking to a group of women who have gone through the experience will be an advantage to the affected woman. Reconstruction of the breast through accellular dermal matrix is known to take a shorter healing time than a number of reconstruction breast procedures done today.
Some of the common reasons why one should look into TE breast reconstruction include;
More involved in the procedure
An affected woman will feel more at ease when they are involved in the procedure of the breast reconstruction as they will understand the procedure. They are taught how to use the handheld wireless device to extend the breast tissue gradually at home. Furthermore they are able to notice a problem in good time if it occurs to obtain help as soon as possible. In addition they are prepared emotionally to deal with tissue expander breast reconstruction pain if it occurs.
Less healing time
An affected woman takes a shorter healing time after breast reconstruction surgery if their own tissue is used to cover the breast implant. The chances of the body rejecting the tissue are minimal with little or no complications experienced.
No needles
Many people are afraid of injections; therefore a number of women will prefer to have TE breast reconstruction as it does not involve the use of needles. What’s more this protects them from infections that can occur due to the use of needles prolonging the healing time.
Natural looking breast
Breast reconstructed through accellular dermal matrix feels and looks more natural than other procedures. Furthermore the breasts are of the right volume to ensure than the recuperating woman does not experience pain in the back. Therefore she is able to continue living her life without getting unwanted attention. Raptures of the implants are not common among the large group of women who have had this procedure done.
Reduced cost
Most of the breast tissue expansion is done at home by the affected woman; as a result expenses that could occur when visiting the doctor’s office time and again are eliminated. A number of women also stated that the discomfort and pain experienced was minimal after the procedure.
It is necessary to obtain available help after loss of a breast to be able to live a full life when the unexpected happens

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