Will You Have Your Breast Reconstructed?

Loss of a breast may occur in the fight to eliminate cancer from the body. TE breast reconstruction ensures the affected woman enjoys better quality of life after the loss. It also allows her to be more involved in the procedure as she is responsible in expanding the breast tissue at home. A hand held wireless controller is used to release a small amount of carbon dioxide into the breast tissue for gradual expansion.
The reasons why it is necessary to have reconstruction of the breast include;
Body Image
One may become self conscious after loss of a breast if they are using padding to imitate a breast. The padding can fall off or relocate creating unwanted attention for the affected woman. Therefore breast reconstruction surgery will ensure the affected woman acquires a body image that is close to the previous one before the loss.
Simplify Everyday Life
Shopping for clothing may be stressful after loss of a breast. Reconstruction breast procedure that uses acellular dermal matrix creates a natural looking breast that most people will not be able to tell the difference when the affected woman is clothed. Furthermore she is able to enjoy her hobbies like swimming and other activities without being the centre of attention due to a missing breast.
Keep Her Job
Life is cruel is so many ways, loss of a breast may result into an advertiser not renewing a contract with the affected woman. Body image sells many products in the market today; therefore reconstruction of the breast after loss could help the affected woman keep her job. Furthermore breast reconstructed through tissue expansion takes a shorter healing time so that she is not absent from her place of work for too long.
Self Esteem
Self confidence is very important as it enables someone to believe in their ability to do a task well. Loss of a breast may lower the self esteem of a number of affected women. TE breast reconstruction restores the confidence of the affected woman; furthermore the reconstructed breast it is of the right volume to ensure no problems with her back as she lives her life to the fullest.


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