Breast Reconstruction: Benefits, Limitations and Risks

Breast reconstruction is a kind of surgery that reforms the breast so that it is about the same shape and size as it was before. One can even add areola (darker area around the nipple) and the nipple. Sometimes women experience breast mastectomy or removal due to cancer. Most women who have had a mastectomy can have rebuilding. A woman may not require a breast rebuilding if only the element of the breast around the cancer is detached (lumpectomy). Plastic surgeons perform breast rebuilding surgery. Below are the some benefits of Breast Reconstruction:

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction:

Breast rebuilding can help you experience more relaxed about how you look. It re-establishes your missing self-belief in your sexuality.

Offer women natural, good-looking curves and give balance to the breasts.

Let women to dress in form-fitting attire and swimming suits.

Refurbish the look of the nipple and also enhances size and shape of breasts.

Certain Limitations of Breast Reconstruction:

A reconstructed breast will not have the similar feeling and sensation as the breast it restores.

Visible slit lines will for all time be there on the breast, whether from rebuilding or mastectomy

Definite surgical methods will leave slit lines at the donor site, usually positioned in less uncovered parts of the body such as the abdomen, back or buttocks.

The Probable Threats of Breast Reconstruction Contains:

Hemorrhage, diseases, poor curing of slits, and anesthesia dangers

Flap surgery contains the risk of incomplete or complete failure of the flap and a failure of feeling at both the benefactor and rebuilding site.

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